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Walnut Shell Media Sales


Wawashkesh Process Equipment has been in the walnut shell filter business for over 30 years. We were the first to process shells to remove meat and husk for filtration service to help optimize filter function and efficiency, and repackage it (shipped to the North West Territories in 1995). Our goal is to continue to provide the highest quality shells available. By maintaining stock in Alberta, we are able ship on demand.

Superior Quality New Media


We strive to supply high quality, new, crushed walnut shell media with no fines and minimal meat, husk and pellicle. 

Not All Walnut Shells Are Good For Filter Service


Crushed walnut shells are used for many purposes, including blasting, fibre for feed, oil-field packing material etc... The specifications for various applications can vary dramatically. Filter efficiency requires the highest quality shells available. The shells should have a minimal concentration of meat, husk, and fines in order to reduce internal screen plugging. Too much off-specification contaminants can immediately plug the filters. 

Modulus Of Elasticity

The original walnut shell filters pumped shells through a centrifugal pump (this required a very high modulus of elasticity). Most of the walnut shell filters now use a mixer, in which, English walnut shells have been utilized. All shells will wear over time to a more rounded shape, and this promotes additional resiliency.  This resilience forms the basis for Wawashkesh Process Equipment to encourage recycling walnut shell media, rather than disposing of it.



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