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WawaFilters, An Effective Alternative To Current Technologies In The Industry

Above is an example of produced water that has been filtered through a WawaFilter.  Clean, filtered water allows proper injection pressure to be maintained as well as helping reduce wear on injection pumps and assist in prevention of lines plugging.

Crushed walnut shell filter media is very resillient and durable.  It  is repeatedly subjected to agressive scrubbing during mixer agitated backwashes.

Process water may be used as make-up water during the backwash cycle.  This can eliminate the requirement for clean water to be used as backwash make-up.

Our Patent pending line of WawaFilters can be applied in either down-flow or radial flow configurations to appropriately facilitate your specific process requirements.

Crushed walnut shells are ideal for filtering produced water and other fluids containing sticky contaminants.

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