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For over 30 years, Wawashkesh has represented SWECO in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Territories. Our team is proud to sell and service state of the art SWECO separators, sifters, centrifuges, mills, and hydrocyclones. A wide variety of applications are covered such as: industrial pot ash, food processing, pharmaceutical applications, and many more. We are confident that we can find a SWECO product that best suits your process needs.

Talk to us about lab testing a sample of your product in order for us to help select the best piece of equipment to for your process requirements. Click on any of the pictures below for a direct link to the SWECO website.

Rectangular Separation Equipment


SWECO's ATLAS horizontal uniform gyratory motion
offers the highest performance per screen area. ATLAS offers heavy duty performance and efficiency. Available in many sizes and configurations, ATLAS Gyratory Sifters are the top choice for efficient and reliable high-capacity separation requirements.

SWECO also produces high-quality replacement screens for our competitors’ rectangular units at competitive prices. Contact us today for more information.

Round Separators

With patents dating back to 1942, SWECO Vibro-Energy Round Separators are synonymous with quality and exacting standards, being the most versatile screening equipment available today.

The HX, SWECO's new generation separator increases safety, improves clean-up, and simplifies adjustments.

SWECO Vibro-Energy Round Separators are available in sizes ranging from 18" to 72" in diametre. With the ability to run up to four screens simultaneously, SWECO Vibro-Energy Round Separators are able to make multiple cuts and classify particles as fine as 37 microns.  All SWECO units are available with FDA approved components. Proficient in wet and dry applications, scalping, low-profile, sanitary service, and more, there is a SWECO Vibro-Energy Round Separator that suits your application.


Product Testing & Service

SWECO factory trained Wawashkesh technicians have a great deal of field experience in assisting start-up, optimising, and servicing SWECO equipment.

SWECO has a fully equipped lab and test facility at their Florence, Kentucky head office for larger scale testing and accurate sampling and particle analysis. Locally, we have the ability to run small-scale tests and evaluate a wide variety of products with our bench-top SWECO separator to help determine the right piece of equipment to fit your needs.

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