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Concord Screen


Representing Concord Screen in Alberta for over 25 years, Wawashkesh Process Equipment is proud to sell and service this dynamic manufacturer's various wedge wire screen products in their many applications. With the ability to custom design and manufacture a variety of intakes screens, manual filters, automatic filters, and strainers, Concord Screen is an industry leader. From high temperature sulphur to low temperature river water, Concord Screen has a product to meet your filtration and screening needs.  Click any of the pictures below for a direct link to the Concord Screen website.

Custom Application Filter Bags


Concord Screen has the ability to manufacture bag filter screens to your exacting specifications.  Using materials such as Polyester, Polypropylene, Nylon Monofilament and Nylon Multi Filament, filter bags can be fabricated to suit your requirements.

Bag Filter Housings


With a complete line of bag filter housings, flow rates from 5gpm, up to 4,000gpm can be accomodated. Bag filtration can be an excellent way to filter out particulate as large as 800 micron, all the way down to 1/4 micron.

Automatic Filters & Strainers


Wedge Wire screens are the key to Concord Screens' automatic filters and strainers.  With five standard designs to choose from, Concord Screen can match the equipment to your application and needs.

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